Whats the difference between the Grades?

Time to explain the difference between grades 1, 2 and 3. . . 

Basically, all Keeley bats are made equal. Same batch of clefts, same handle, , same 40 years of experience, same hand made expertise (and a whole lot of love) goes in to every bat.

You can often tell from the cleft if the bat is going to be a 'belter', but its really only once they are made that they are then graded.

To be honest they all line up in anonymous beauty parade and I pick them out WITH Nick and Tim Keeley. (the guys who make them) to make sure we have the best . . . So how does it work?

GRADE 1: Flawless willow, straight grains, outstanding performance (ping!). The perfect bats in terms of performance and looks, these are the best of the best.

GRADE 2: Honestly? Not a huge difference to the Grade 1 bats.  There maybe a blemish, or one or more tiny knots in the blade (sometime covered by the stickers!) The performance is often exactly the same as Grade 1 - but may have some tiny flaws.

GRADE 3: OK - These are the bats that don't quite make it to the front of the class. The craftsmanship is the same, but they might not look the best. These are some of the best value bats, at around £220. If you are looking to spend around £200 on a bat I guarantee you wont regret these. (And I also hand select them, so we don't have ANY bad ones).

The most important thing is that I pick out each and every bat we sell - so we get THE very best of each grade.

Simple 1, 2 or 3. You choose . . .