Keeley Superior - Grade 3
Keeley Superior - Grade 3
Keeley Superior - Grade 3

Keeley Superior - Grade 3

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This is how we work:  You place an order for your bat, and we will then contact you within 24 hours with photos of specific bats from this range.  You can then choose for yourself from our stock. If you don't like it, then send it back for a full refund.

New for 2020 - The Superior bat in a grade 3 version.

The Ultimate cricket bat, made to the highest standards, the bat shape is favoured by a number of professional players.  This Grade 3 willow will have slight blemishes on the blade, but won't effect the performance in any way.  

We provide a bespoke service here at Bats Out, and want to select the bat that YOU want, not just what we have on the shelves.

  • Beautifully and painstakingly crafted to create a bat which will deliver on the pitch
  • With simple beautiful stickers reminding you of the classic quality of the bat
  • Full profile with NO concave profile developed with international cricketers gives maximum power
  • Quality handmade semi-oval 12 piece handle giving strength; power and feel and twist reduction
  • Semi-round bat face also reduces twist
  • Triple pressed to give the best response and performance
  • English grip
  • Rubber toe protects against damp and knocks